Annual Appeal

Dear Friend,

We wrote to you recently regarding the St James Annual Appeal. I am following up with some information regarding ways in which you can claim tax relief for donations made to St James.

At the same time can we draw your attention to another way you can support the Church financially with no cost to yourself at all, through the IRS Consignment Scheme. This is a government sponsored charitable scheme where you can nominate St James Church on your IRS tax return to receive a contribution of 0.5% of your annual tax bill. Simple to do and no cost to you at all. The attached letter from us sets out the details. Below are the Church’s Bank Account details should you need them.

All good wishes,

Vicky and Julie
St James' Church

More details

Church and Bank Details:
St James Anglican Church, Porto.
NIF (fiscal number): 592008614
Bank Account NIB: 0269 0303 0020 0052 5757 1
Bank IBAN number: PT50 0269 0303 0020 0052 5757 1
Bank Address: Bankinter, Agência Antunes Guimarães, Av. Dr. Antunes Guimarães, 4100-078 Porto, Portugal