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Sunday Worship 11 a.m.

Coffee and Wine served after the service

Directions to the church

St James Anglican Church, Porto
    Largo da Maternidade de Júlio Dinis, 45
    4050-371 Porto, Portugal

Parking available in church grounds

Thursdays 11 a.m.
Eucharist Service, followed by Bible study
at the Church during October and November

Further Information about services

Ponte de Lima

Harvest Festival Service October 22nd 11:00
Organ Concert Sunday, October 29th 18:30
More details

We have been in interregnum for some time now with visiting locum priests maintaining our ministry in Porto and northern Portugal, and we are now seeking a permanent Chaplain.  Contact to be made initially to the Wardens via our church email.

To arrange Home Communions, Wedding Blessings, Baptisms, Funerals,
please contact the Chaplain, 228 329 001 / 916 201 851 / email.

The church with blue flowers in front