A tour of the church

the Well HouseInterior of church looking down to porchEntrance gate to grounds and porters lodge

The photos show views of the church, first built 1815-18, then extended in 1867 to include transepts, a longer nave, and a chancel. You can see exterior views of the church and war memorial cross, the nave looking towards the chancel, and the chancel, altar and east window. The old and new Well House can also be seen behind the church. Both are linked together. The new extension was only built in 2013. The stained glass window (north transept) to St. James the Greater, given in memory of a member of the Teage family, is also shown. Above are (a) another view of the Well House - old and new; (b) the nave looking west towards the gallery and front entrance; (c) the main entrance gate and porter's lodge. Below are: (a) a view of the Well House between the Mortuary Chapel & the Church; (b) a view representing "The Church and the City", with a side view of the church & a tall block of flats behind; (c)  another look at the new Well House extension; (d) the (open) main door with war memorial and Jenny Weineck window; (e) the large entrance gate to the grounds, from the street; (f) a 'side' view of the south transept and chancel; (g) a summer view of the church roof and surrounding wall from 'Largo da Maternidade'. It remains to take a tour of the cemetery.

Well House, church and mortuary chapelThe church and the city The new Well House extensionChurch door  porch and war memorialEntrance gate from the streetSide view of church outside south transept  chancelView of church roof and wall from Largo da Maternidade