Since returning to church after the Coronavirus lockdown, I hope that we have all felt reasonably safe as we have followed the safety advice offered by the government and the church. However, with the number of COVID-19 infections on the rise again, I would just like to remind you of the precautions that we must take in order to ensure the safety and confidence of everyone here.

When you arrive at church on Sundays, please have your mask on, wash your hands with the gel provided, and maintain a distance of 2 metres between yourself and anyone that you do not share a home with.

This means avoiding any gathering in the church entrance or in the aisle. It means keeping your mask on for the whole service, from beginning to end, with your nose and mouth covered. Those taking part in leading worship will probably remove their masks, but only when at a good distance away from others. When it comes to the Communion, you will note that the priest uses gel several times before and during handling the bread and wine, and that the elements are covered during the prayer.

At the end of the service, please leave the building as quickly as possible, maintaining the 2 metre distance from others all the time. Once outside, it is still recommended that you keep your mask on, especially if you would like to chat with others; and definitely keep the 2 metre distance while you are socialising with someone you do not live with.

I understand that it isn’t easy keeping to all these rules, but I’m sure we all appreciate the fact that it is only for your protection and the protection of others that we must do these things. In this way, we will be able to continue worshipping in person together, safely and with confidence. Thank you.

Philip Bourne, Chaplain