Planned Giving

Everyone needs to know how much money they have coming in and how much they can spend. The church is no different, so we are very grateful to you for considering how you can play a valuable part in helping us plan both for the present and the future. It will make a huge difference. 

Thank you!

Please read through the following options and consider which might work best for you. It is possible to use several options alongside each other. 

You can receive up to 100 euros tax refund each year from the IRS for gifts to the church, a concession for Portuguese taxpayers for charitable giving.  We can provide advice and an official receipt for this on request. 

Option 1 – STANDING ORDER (regular transfer)

The simplest and best way to help us is to set up a regular monthly transfer to the church bank account.   This greatly assists us with planning and budgeting.  You can arrange this online, or by visiting your bank. 


We usually send out a letter in April, but have not done so this year due to the Covid -19 pandemic, informing everyone of recent developments in the life of St James’ Church and sharing future plans.   Some friends of the church respond generously each year with a one-off donation to the church, in thanksgiving for all that has been and in gratitude for all that we hope is to come. For those already giving in this way we sincerely thank you and request that you continue and make a donation this year as usual.  

Option 3 – JUST GIVING

You can make a gift simply through by visiting the donations page

UK taxpayers can increase their gift by 25% this way without any extra cost to the donor.


If you are a tax payer in Portugal, at no cost to you at all, you can allocate 0.5% of your annual IRS tax amount as a government sponsored charitable donation to the church. All you have to do is provide the church’s NIF fiscal number in table 11 of your Modelo 3 IRS declaration. In this easy way you can donate to the church with zero cost to you – and if enough people do this, it adds up to a worthwhile amount each year.  Please note that the church receives a block amount from the IRS for all participating donors together, so your individual contribution is not revealed.


A bequest in your will to St James Church is a valuable way to help ensure the continuing future of our church and cemetery for present and future generations. St James has benefitted from such gifts in the past, which can serve to cover an annual shortfall or enable a special project to be funded.  Any amount that you feel you can bequeath for the continuing work of this church, and in memory of family, friends or other loved ones, will be welcome. We can help you to easily arrange this in your will, with your own or the Church´s solicitor. 

If you need any assistance, either with deciding between the options, or understanding them better, Angus McDougall would be pleased to help you: 934 083 103 or email

Church and Bank Details

St James Anglican Church, Porto.    NIF fiscal number: 592008614

Bank Account NIB: 0269 0303 0020 0052 5757 1

Bank IBAN number: PT50 0269 0303 0020 0052 5757 1


Bank : Bankinter, Agência Antunes Guimarães, Av. Dr. Antunes Guimarães, 4100-078 Porto, Portugal