Useful Contacts

The Honorary British Consul, Oporto, works under the supervision of the British Consulate, Lisbon. To contact the Honorary Consul in Oporto or to request Consular assistance in Northern Portugal, please first make contact with the British Consulate in Lisbon.

British Consulate
Rua de São Bernardo 33
1249-082 Lisbon

Tel: 808 20 35 37; +351 21 395 4082

The British Historical Society of Portugal, Porto branch.
Contact Mr Terry Weineck.

American International Club of Porto 
Apartado 1174
4103 Porto
Tel: 226009012

Oporto Cricket & Lawn Tennis Club
Rua do Campo Alegre 532
4150-170 Porto
Tel: 22 605 2720

Colégio Luso Internacional do Porto (CLIP)
Rua de Vila Nova, 1071
4100 - 506 Porto, Portugal
Tel: 22 619 9160

Oporto British School (OBS)
Rua de Cerca 326-328
4150-201 Porto
Tel. 22 616 6660

Porto Connect
Times move on and the approach to the work of the Ladies' Guild has been steadily changing. Whilst fund raising for charity remains uppermost in its list of priorities, the group, which has renamed itself 'Porto Connect' (and which now embraces both genders) aims to liaise on joint events with the many other groups active within the Porto community - cultural, social, musical, theatrical, gourmet, etc. to create a programme for the enjoyment and benefit of all.
If you would like to be part of some/any of our future ventures, please email. There is no membership or subscription required.