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11:00 The Eucharist

in the church building and on Zoom

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Services during Advent and Christmas

Sun 5th Dec 11:00 2nd Sunday in Advent Eucharist Porto; Sunday school

Wed 8th Dec 11:00 Eucharist; Immaculate Conception of the BVM

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Ponte de Lima
Eucharist in the Garrida Chapel, usually at 15:00 on the last Saturday of the month
Please contact Angus McDougall +351 934 083 103 beforehand 
to ensure adequate social spacing

Thursdays at 16:00 - Coffee & chat

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IRS 0.5% refund
7492 euros was received from 2021 tax returns.
Many thanks to those who participated.

Sunday School 5th December more information

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A prayer for those who have died from the Coronavirus

Loving and merciful God,
we pray for the souls of all who have died during the Coronavirus pandemic;
          for those of all ages, young and old, whose lives have been cut short;
          for those who through difficult circumstances died alone;
          for those whose death was sudden and with no time to prepare for it.
Ever-present God,
we hold up these precious lives to you,
giving thanks for the love that has been given and received.
May they be granted peace, now and forever.

If you wish to visit the church or cemetery, please try the caretaker, Cecelia Teixeira 

Mobile: 917647825  Tel: 226064989; speak in Portuguese.


 Gateway The church with blue flowers in front


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